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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This website was created to help students of Quran memorization find study partners with whom they can efficiently schedule online study sessions for hifz revision. 

This site was created for:

  • Students in a full-time or part-time hifz school that are looking for an organized way to book study sessions with their peers and/or other students of Quran memorization
  • Students of  an online Quran program who feel alone in their journey and need others for encouragement and consistency
  • Hafizs/Hafizahs who did not keep up with their memorization and need to strenghthen their weak memorization 
  • Those who lead Taraweeh prayers and need an easy and efficient way to find others to review with during Ramadan
  • Parents who do not read Arabic easily but have their children enrolled in a weekend or after-school Quran class and need help with daily revision (rules for child participation)

Misuse: This website is NOT intended to be used for

  • Tafseer- please seek out qualified teachers/scholars and refrain from asking other students for their opinions
  • Fatwah inquiries- please seek out qualified scholars and refrain from asking other students for their opinions
  • Online Quran learning that teaches tajweed rules and is held accountable for your memorization
  • Children to be forced to review their Quran (rules for child participants)
  • Review by students who do NOT have a primary Quran teacher
  • Review by students who have completed memorization (or are memorizing) on their own at home but were never (are not) under the supervision of a qualified instructor
  • The spreading of misinformation or your own personal beliefs

Misusers should be reported for the sake of keeping the site protected and true to its purpose (Report Misuse).

This website will only be as successful as Allah swt wills. From our end, we pray for its success, but we recognize the critical role users play. Please join us in making this site thrive! May Allah swt bless this website, protect this website, put barakah in it, and make it a means for us all to enter into Jannat al Firdose. Ameen.

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  • Make du3a2 for your success along with the success of the other students using this site.
  • Select/Try multiple users to study with. Even if you have found one that works for you, it is always good to have a backup in case your study buddy can no longer review with you.
  • If you have a lot of free time, search for several users and fill your empty time with several students instead of relying on just one person’s availability.
  • Having a difficult time finding someone who has memorized as much as you, ma sha Allah? If you have memorized juz 24-30, you may only find one person (student A) who meets your criterial who has memorized the same amount, but you may find many more who have memorized 28-30. In this case, use student A to review 24-27 and others to review more commonly memorized ajza2.
  • If you have free time and your more advanced study buddies do not have as much free time as you, look into helping others who do not have as much memorized. It’s a great way to add to your scale of good deeds. In sha Allah, you will be surprised how much more solid your “already-solid” memorization will become.
  • If you are having difficulty finding something to meet your criteria, make your search criteria less specific.
  • Keep your profile updated as you increase in your memorization, so the search engine accurately represent you.
  • Use the Search Engine weekly, as the website gets more users in sha Allah, and in sha Allah you will have more options for students matching your criteria.
  • Determine the best study techniques for you. Do you like to review by reciting and having the other student correct you or do you like to have them quiz you by them reciting an ayah and you continuing recitation from the test ayah?
  • Put this site to use daily during to strengthen your memorization and increase in good deeds, in sha Allah.